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Automation Engineering

We provide a wide range of product design services. As expert embedded systems consultants,
we partner closely with you to design the best hardware, software, and firmware for your product.

icon Product Development

Our many long-term clients trust our expertise with embedded systems development from the initial concept stage all the way through to end-of-life support–or anywhere in between.

Our technical expertise:
- Analyzing complex problems
- Finding innovative approaches for a competitive edge
- Implementing solutions in hardware, real time firmware, and PC software

icon Complete Understanding

We sit down with you to really understand your business, your market place, and the regulatory environment.

We ask the tough questions:
- What market opportunity are you trying to exploit?
- Where is the product’s niche?
- Is this a new concept or an improvement on an existing product?
- What are the key selling points—functionality, power consumption, price, size?

icon Custom design

Once we understand these issues, we move on to the more traditional topics, such as the key technical problems, costs, and time scales. After agreement on the details, we tailor the development process to your technical, budgetary, and regulatory needs.


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    We pride ourselves on our software design. Our systems are designed around basic principles we believe have proven in-the-field to be successful.
    Abstraction – By abstracting the systems application behaviour away from the hardware software we create a modular system that aids; testing, extension and reliability.
    Simplicity – By designing small and simple execution blocks our software can be ported easily, tested extensively and modified easily.
    Functionality – First and foremost our software has to be functional, the best design in the world cannot make up for non-functional code.
    These simple rules are the core to our design philosophy, get in touch and we can discuss your design

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    Embedded Software extends beyond the boundaries of firmware for us and this is reflected by the software services we provide.

    C – The Core language used in Embedded Systems
    C++ – Integral to the development of predictable embedded systems.
    Python – Great for Rapid development of Test and demonstration tools.
    Java – Expressly designed for use in the distributed environment of the Internet and also Android apps

    We understand that there comes a point when a simple super loop just wont suffice and when this is the case we has experience of a number of Operating Systems to call upon.
    Embedded Linux, Android OS

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    Embedded projects are built around hardware interfaces and Embedded Technologies Limited have experience in a wide variety of these interfaces. These include driver development and protocol development for the following:

    - RS232
    - USB
    - I2C/SPI/SM Bus
    - CAN Bus
    - 2.4Ghz RF ,Wireless Sensor Networks, Proprietary protocol and Industry standard.
    - 1-Wire
    - GPS/GPRS

    All of our drivers are designed on a project by project basis, so we can make the right decisions about the key things like; DMA, Interrupts or Polling

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  • PCB Layout Services

    A PCB layout should be identical to its corresponding circuit design, however a circuit design is created with a readable approach and a PCB layout is created with functionality in mind, so when you look at them together, you may find it difficult to correlate. We have a wide experience at offering PCB Solutions, and delivers a PCB design layout that is accurate and functional.


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We design develop software and hardware solutions.